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Rental housing in Montenegro
Montenegro is a great holiday destination in Europe. You can go to the north of the country to conquer the mountains, admire the parks or raft down the river, or you can go to the Adriatic Sea to sunbathe and swim in the purest water. Therefore, before you decide to rent a house in Montenegro, decide in which region you would like to stay. Speaking of the coast, it is divided into Rivieras: Boko-Kotor, Tivat, Budva, Herceg-Novskaya, Ultsinskaya and Barskaya. Study the information about each area, plan your vacation, and choose the option of renting accommodation in Montenegro that suits you. A wide base on the website of our company Estate-montegroup will help you with this. What to rent - a room, an apartment or a house? Only 10% of tourists, going to Montenegro, choose hotels, the remaining 90% prefer to rent housing in the form of apartments, apartments or private houses. The prices are affordable, and there is much more freedom and choice. Below we will consider what kind of real estate you can rent in Montenegro: A room in a private villa or in a mini-hotel. It can be a private room with a bathroom or an apartment or studio with its own kitchenette and refrigerator. Often the owners live in the house, to whom you can always turn for help and advice. Prices for this type of accommodation start from 15–20 euros per person per day. Flat. For the more independent traveler, there are many apartment options. You will live separately and the apartment will be completely at your disposal during your vacation. Apartments are usually furnished to the smallest detail - from TV to washing machine. During the season, the price per day starts from 40-50 euros. House / villa. This option is chosen by families with children or companies. Houses are usually designed for 8-10 people. There are several bedrooms, a living room, a garden, and often there is a swimming pool in the yard. The range of prices here is huge - from 100 euros per day and above. So, if you have already decided to rent a house in Montenegro, you know the prices. Using the filters on our website, you can easily select an option that will satisfy your needs in terms of comfort and financial capabilities. How the price for renting real estate in Montenegro is formed Pricing is formed from the following factors: Resort. The highest prices are in Budva, Becici, Petrovac, Sveti Stefan and Kotor, as these are the largest resorts. Do you want to rent a property for less? Choose Bar, Sutomore, Ulcinj or the vicinity of Herceg Novi. Distance from the sea. In Montenegro, as in any other seaside resort - the closer to the beach, the more expensive is the rental of real estate. Study the object carefully, check the location on the map. If you have any questions about any of the objects on our website, you can contact us and clarify the situation. Tourist tax. Upon arrival in Montenegro, each tourist is obliged to register within 24 hours after arrival. The fee is € 1 per adult. For children from 12 years old - 0.50 euros, and children under 12 years old are registered free of charge. The penalty for non-payment is 60 euros. Montenegro - safe vacation When organizing a trip on your own, it is important to provide for all the points. Objects from the owners are presented on our site. We regularly publish hot deals, which will allow you to save a lot. We also provide full legal support for the transaction. If you are a homeowner and want to rent out your property in Montenegro, please contact us by phone or email.